New 10′ wide indoor scoreboards:

Nevco has just launched a new line of indoor scoreboards for basketball, volleyball, wrestling, indoor soccer, hockey and lacrosse, offering a wider 10′ cabinet.  These new scoreboards still come standard with super-bright LEDs in 13″ and 9″ digits (red and amber), 4″ bonus, double bonus and possession indicators as well as allow for displaying Time of Day.   The Home and Guest captions are available as Electronic Team Names (ETNs) or can be upgraded to ETNs at a later date.  Nevco’s scoreboards are the most advanced on the market and have a reputation for superior quality and service, 2nd to none! Call us today for more information 800.363.8196.


Seneca College, Toronto, ON

Over the course of the past year we (Seneca College Athletics) have purchased a Nevco Portable Scoreboard and four 4 foot Nevco Score Tables from The Scoreboard Man, as well as a new sign for our main scoreboard.   From a product standpoint we couldn’t be happier with the products we have received.  They are all very easy to use, look extremely professional and hold up to the rigours college athletics can have on them.  As for the service, The Scoreboard Man as a company and its staff, particularly Heather Bourne, have been incredible to work with.  They have provided knowledgeable information throughout the buying process, excellent customer service and support, and have met and beat their own delivery dates.  It has been a great to build a relationship with them, and we look forward working with The Scoreboard Man in the future!

John Sharpe, Senior Sport Coordinator, Varsity

Seneca College


One of our most recent outdoor installations is at Collingwood Collegiate Inst, in Collingwood, Ontario. The Fightling Owls Football Alumni help fund this purchase and headed up the project, which started in 2011. The end result is a sharp looking football scoreboard with bright amber LEDs and signage to finish off the look.

Newest Football Scoreboard Installation

Check out this beautiful football scoreboard installation in Hamilton, Ontario at  St Jean de Brebeuf Catholic Secondary School. It is a Nevco Model 3615-ETN (Electronic Team Names) with custom ad panels. A metal mesh protective screen was also installed to protect their investment! The scoreboard is 24′ x 8′ with 24″ high intensity digits. Go Braves Go!

St Jean de Brebeuf - Model 3615 - close up