Recently The Scoreboard Man installed another scoreboard for The Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board, at St. Joachim Elementary School in Ancaster, ON. With the very generous donation from Dr. Steven Cusimano and his foundation, The Loreana Cusimano Memorial Trust Fund, St. Joachim ES was able to obtain a brand new Nevco multi-sport scoreboard Model 2700-NL with memorial ID panel.   The scoreboard will add both school pride and professionalism to the gymnasium for many years to come. A wonderful and lasting way to give back to the community and make a difference in sport! Please contact us today if you or somebody/business you know is looking for a way to give back to school groups within the community in a athletic capacity.

St Joachim ES - 2700 ad panel corner

Football Scoreboard in Toronto

We just installed a new Football Scoreboard in Toronto.

Late this September is a brand-new Nevco 3614 football scoreboard with Amber LEDs and ID panel at the Esther Shiner Stadium in Toronto Ontario. This scoreboard measures 18′ x wide x 8′ high x 8″ deep and weighs only 420 lbs. The bright 24″ digits (red or amber)  can be read from over 1200′ away. The scoreboard features Downs, Yards To Go, Ball On, Qtr and Time Outs Left – giving you a complete football experience! Also available (not shown) are Electronic Team Names.


ESther Shiner  3614