A two-person Scoring Table is a perfect fit!

Sometimes smaller is better!  When space on the sidelines is limited and storage areas are filled to the max, a 4′ scoring table can be just the perfect fit! Nevco offers a tidy and professional looking 4′ scoring table that comfortably seats two people on your sidelines in the gym.  The best part is that the table is expandable, meaning you can add a second table and connect them together now or later. Nevco scoring tables come in 4′, 8′ and 10′ lengths and are not only expandable but also upgradable! You can start with a low-cost non-lit table and upgrade to a rear-lit table or a full-colour LED table down the road as budget allows.  Now that’s flexibility! Call us to get the scoop on Nevco’s scoring tables! 800.363.8196

ST-4-NL Table, Pelican Falls HS


Nevco is one of the leading manufactures of indoor and outdoor message centres in North America. The Scoreboard Man, located in Orillia, Ontario, is your local supplier of these domestic electronic signs for use in many different venues such as elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, recreation centres, arenas, churches, and commercial and industrial buildings.  We have numerous installations around the province and offer complete turn-key packages including installations. Some of our installations are highlighted in photos below:

Orillia Bakery, Villanova, Regina Mundi outdoor sign 024 Bishop Ryan - Marquee Kit 8' x 3' 20mm colour St Jean de Brebeuf video-board30 video-board26 video-board6