Scoreboard Protective Cages

scoreboard protective cagesscoreboard protective cages

Our custom scoreboard protective cages is the perfect way to avoid your worst nightmare!
Protect your scoreboard investment against damage from stray balls, pucks, or vandalism, with our protective screens.

We recommend that scoreboards have a metal mesh protective cage to keep them free from damage from play and from vandalism.

All of our metal mesh protective cages allow for:
• Uninterrupted viewing of your scoreboard
• Easy access for maintenance
• Long-term protection of your investment

Our metal mesh protective cages are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are finished in an outdoor low gloss black powder coated finish that will last for years, making sure that your scoreboard or message center investment also lasts for years.

They also come in standards sizes for ALL scoreboard makes and models.

Don’t let your expensive scoreboard investment get needlessly damaged.


Please contact THE SCOREBOARD MAN at (800) 363-8196 for assistance and pricing.

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The Scoreboard Man Specializes in Metal Mesh Protective Screens

The Scoreboard Man specializes in metal mesh protective screens for indoor and outdoor scoreboards of all shapes and sizes. Manufactured in Ontario and designed to be both rugged and attractive, these screens will protect a scoreboard from damage and vandalism for many years, extending the life of the scoreboard. Contact our office for more information on our metal mesh protective screens.

Newest Football Scoreboard Installation

Check out this beautiful football scoreboard installation in Hamilton, Ontario at  St Jean de Brebeuf Catholic Secondary School. It is a Nevco Model 3615-ETN (Electronic Team Names) with custom ad panels. A metal mesh protective screen was also installed to protect their investment! The scoreboard is 24′ x 8′ with 24″ high intensity digits. Go Braves Go!

St Jean de Brebeuf - Model 3615 - close up